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​ Wedding Cakes
Hear what our clients are saying about us...

Ohhhh Deeelish!

"Thank you so much- the detail was incredible, and it was so yummy!" Rita L.

"Oh Lee it's beautiful, the colors were perfect, exactly what my daughter wanted, and it tasted amazing!"  Satee 

"OMG! This cake was sooo amazing! Everybody loved it! They loved it so much they helped themselves to it. People just kept coming back for more."  Sheri L.

"This cake was absolutely amazing. The pictures generated conversations and great memories."  Pauline P.

"Love the island vibe that this cake bring. perfect for the occasion" Mike M.

Celebration Cakes

"Oh my goodness! I cannot believe this. I didn't even expect this! This was the birthday cake of all time. It was attractive it was delicious. Everyone was impress. It was the highlight of the evening.   Joyce C.

"Thank you, it was a great hit!"  Claudia R.


"This is more than I expected! You totally out did yourself. This is absolutely beutiful."  Laurel M.

"Really lovely Leonie - the very best! Great work!!"   Sheila P.

Sweet Delight Cups

"So delicious are an amazing pastry chef!!! Lovvvvvvvvvve them ....the sweet potato pudding and the rum cake both finished in a week!!" Marie J. 


"Love your work!! You're awesome! Keep it up" Rochelle  M. 

Sweet Delight Desserts

"OMG!!! totally deeeelish"! Marie M.

"I loved the presentation and the time and attention that went into it. Very impressive" - JJ

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